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Renewable heat premium payment scheme and you

The government announced the first part of the new renewable heat incentive – the renewable heat premium payment scheme.

This is basically a limited number of vouchers that householders can use to put towards the installation cost of a new reneable heat technology, such as biomass boiler, air or ground source heat, or solar thermal. This is not the start of a tariff paying you per unit of heat generated, like the feed in tariff. The payment of a tariff is expected to commence from October next year. Any installation put in between now and them will qualify to receive the tariff payment, but the tariff levels are yet to be decided.

If you need to upgrade or replace your boiler, you should contact the energy saving trust and apply for a voucher under the reneable heat premium payment scheme.

There is a condition on the basis of your home energy efficiency so you may need to seek independent advice from an energy assessor to ensure that the voucher will be valid. For example if you install a biomass boiler without having put adequate installation in, your renewable heat incentive will be revoked.

Energy friend can not only advise you on your efficiency rating, we can ensure the installation is carried out by a properly qualified company and that you get the best deal.