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Truth about domestic solar panel installations

I have had anpther great week here at Energy Friend, telling people the truth about solar power and how it could benefit them. Take Mr and Mrs anon for example who have just installed solar panels 1 year after their first child was born. Not only is this lovely bundle of joy going to grow up in an energy efficient house, his clever parents are ploughing all of the feed in tariff money into a savings account for him. Soon he’ll be off to University with around £30,000 of tax free, cash behind him thanks to solar panels and the feed in tariff.

This is a great thing for them and could be for many others, but unfortunately i have been frustrated this week by items in the press, here are just some of the myths i have heard this week and that just arent true.

“You get 43p per unit for pumping electricity back into the grid”

This is not true. You actually get 46p per unit for pumping it back into the grid. You get 43p for generating the unit. You will hopefully use that unit in your house, which of course means a saving on your energy bill. You are encouraged to use the energy you generate. If you do, you will have cheaper bills and get a great tax free return paid into your bank.

“If you want the feed in tariff you need to beat the August 1st deadline”

This deadline is for large systems, such as fields or warehouses. The reason for the cut to the feed in tariff for large systems is to preserve the scheme for small domestic installations.